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Nomad African Spa

An award winning day spa, where the indigenous marries the international in a splendid fusion of African therapies designed to revitalize, replenish, and restore. This tapestry has redefined the norm. From our mineral rich stones, nutrient dense botanicals to the ancient rituals, every element of our landscape is a latent potion harboring ancient riddles and remedies which make for the unique experience that is SpaFari a wellness journey.

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This is a personal passage of restoration and healing designed to exile aggravation through one of our many treatment journeys built on all that encircles us. Nomad is a contrasting and integrated wellness experience designed to create a true sense of transformation, rejuvenation, and connection. Our treatments are created to guide in the promotion of the journey back to self and deep relaxation. Our tribe embodies professionalism, intuitive and heart driven practitioners, who are dedicated to guiding and transforming each guest into a state of greater wellbeing. We strive to be the most enriching, authentic, and transformative wellness experience.