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MAKAI is an artisan line of handcrafted botanical apothecary products formulated for well living and radiant beauty.

The foundational ethos of the brand is based on intention, mindfulness, and care in creating each product as an experience. All of our formulations are clean, organic, non-toxic, nutrient dense and deliciously gorgeous. We consciously source our ingredients on the continent from those who uphold our values regarding purity as well as social and environmental standards.

We believe that Africa has a rich source of therapeutic, fragrant botanicals that until now has not been given nearly enough attention. Rooted in advanced plant chemistry and artisanal craft, every MAKAI formulation works in total synergy with the body, optimizing your skin’s ability to strengthen and heal itself.

Our high-end products are desirable, forward-looking, and rooted in our rich African heritage. They celebrate Africa’s renaissance and togetherness.