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The Nomad Institute was founded by the urge to empower and transform undervalued women from the local communities. Employment opportunities are than created to the wellness industry.

Through the institute we nurture undervalued women from the local communities, by giving them training in holistic and beauty treatments. These young women posses massive commercial potential and with the right support and guidance, are capable of becoming highly successful therapists. As they become empowered, transformation takes place! Employment opportunities are created within our ecosystem and networks, offering these women a new lease on life. A career in an industry that was otherwise inaccessible.

As the women become practitioners, they transform the lives of the guests, but the most significant change happens to the women themselves, turning them into confident self assured practitioners, one guest at a time, with a life long career path. Nomad is regarded as Africa’s premier Spa and Wellness Company. Offering uncompromising standards and service to its clientele.

There are social imbalances when it comes to job creation and skills upgrade through vocational education. Our vision came about after huge unemployment rate of young women, who are sitting with latent talent, needing to be nurtured, within our communities. Nomad Institute has since 2008 offered extensive, yet relevant training, based on the international principles, the methodologies are uniquely African inspired.

This, we believe is the start of the new way of wellbeing. It is this commitment to excellence and professionalism that has allowed Nomad Institute to establish a unique curriculum that fully equips the practitioners and therapists of tomorrow.