About Nomad

Nomad is a social conscious wellness group, with its ethos firmly rooted in the authentic desire to empower undervalued women with skills and creating lasting employment opportunities within the wellness and beauty industry.

Through our ecosystem, you will experience original African Wellness experiences. At the centre of it all is the Institute, the heart of the business, where we nurture these young women and transform them into highly skilled practitioners or artisans. This is followed by placements through the award winning Nomad African Spa network or choose to venture in the world of product development and manufacturing through the Makai Apothecary a product and lifestyle brand, producing cosmetics and lifestyle wellness products. These high quality retail products are supplied to the industry. Mariane Akwenye founded Nomad in 2008; the inspiration came from her beloved aunt whom, like many of these young women, had a natural talent and affinity to herbs and wellness. A herbalist with a wealth of knowledge passed down to her, yet restricted to commercialize and bring her indigenous and valuable knowledge to the fore.

The unique alchemy of Nomad is the blend of our authentic African essence, a wholesome caring spirit through our practitioners, a soulful contemporary aesthetic connecting these with those seeking enriching and transformative wellness experiences.

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